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Time of issue:2020-10-27 11:21:58
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Multi-media output boiler system for burning waste liquid

The waste liquid produced in the production process of a gasoline additive production enterprise needs to be properly treated.
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  The waste liquid produced in the production process of a gasoline additive production enterprise needs to be properly treated. At the same time, the process also requires organic heat carriers, steam, hot water, etc. to provide heat sources for different stages of the production process. In order to meet this requirement, a multi-media output waste with multi-hydrocarbon chemical waste liquid as the main fuel, natural gas as the auxiliary fuel, organic heat carrier boiler as the primary heating surface, and steam waste heat boiler as the secondary heating surface was designed. Liquid incineration boiler system. While solving the waste disposal of users, high-quality heat carriers, steam and hot water are obtained to meet the needs of process production. The system includes a control system, an ignition burner, a wind distribution system, an incinerator, an organic heat carrier boiler, a waste heat boiler, and a flue gas system. At the same time, the tail is equipped with an activated carbon adsorption system, a dust collector, and a smoke tower integrated desulfurization system. The main fuel is burned in a fluidized manner in the adiabatic hearth of the incinerator in the front, using natural gas as the combustion aid. After the waste liquid can be burned autonomously and stably, the natural gas is cut off. After secondary combustion, the flue gas can stay in the furnace at 1100 ℃ for 2 to 3 seconds, and then the flue gas enters the organic heat carrier boiler as the first-level heating surface; the temperature of the flue gas leaving the heat transfer oil boiler after heat exchange is about At 410℃, SCR denitration area is reserved here. Then enter the waste heat boiler and hot water heat exchanger; the temperature of the flue gas at the outlet of the hot water heat exchanger is about 150 ℃, the flue gas first passes through the adsorption of activated carbon, and then passes through the dust collector, and then enters the integrated desulfurization system of the tower by the induced draft fan. Finally discharged into the atmosphere. There are two selective non-catalytic reduction (SNCR) denitration ports in the upper part of the heat conduction oil radiation chamber. The SNCR denitration method is used for denitration, and the reserved SCR area is used as a spare.
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