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Time of issue:2020-10-27 11:21:58
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20t/h gas boiler delivery

The newly designed 20-ton/hour saturated steam dual-gas boiler of our company adopts double drums and is vertically arranged.
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  The newly designed 20-ton/hour saturated steam dual-gas boiler of our company adopts double drums and is vertically arranged. It can burn two different types of fuel, natural gas and biomass gas. The boiler adopts a D-shaped arrangement, with the combustion chamber on the right and the convection heating surface on the left. Because there is enough combustion space, it can ensure that the coke oven gas is fully burned. The steel tube economizer is arranged at the tail and assembled at the manufacturing plant. The maximum transport size is within the limits of railway transport size. The boiler water circulation adopts natural circulation.
  The boiler is small in size, small in area, short in installation cycle and low in installation cost.
  Safe gas system:
  The boiler is equipped with a burner on the front side of the furnace. Two explosion-proof doors are arranged at the rear wall of the boiler, and one explosion-proof door is arranged at the rear. Make the whole system more safe and reliable.
  First, the main design parameters of the boiler:
  1. Rated boiler evaporation capacity Natural gas 20 t/h Biomass gas 12 t/h
  2. Rated steam pressure of boiler 1.25Mpa
  3. Rated steam temperature 193℃
  4、Boiler rated feed water temperature 20℃
  5. Flue gas temperature 118.7℃ (124.4℃)
  6. Cold air temperature 20℃
  7. Boiler design thermal efficiency Natural gas 92.5% Biomass gas 88.8%
  8. The range of safe and stable operation of the boiler 70%-100%
  9. Fuel consumption Natural gas 1462.5Nm3/h Biomass gas 7932.9Nm3/h
  10、Excess air coefficient of smoke exhaust area 1.2
  11 Total power consumption: about 85kw
  Second, design fuel:
  1. Fuel hydrogen volume percentage 0.08
  2. The nitrogen volume percentage of the fuel is 0.76
  3. The percentage of carbon dioxide volume of the fuel is 0.52
  4. Fuel methane volume percentage 97.42
  5. Fuel ethane volume percentage 0.94
  6. Fuel Propane Volume Percentage 0.16
  7. Fuel butane volume percentage 0.03
  8. Fuel hydrogen sulfide volume percentage 0.03
  9. Fuel ethylene volume percentage 0.06
  Low calorific value of fuel 8502.5 Kcal/Nm3
  1. Fuel hydrogen volume percentage 9
  2. The percentage of fuel nitrogen volume 59.75
  3. The volume percentage of fuel carbon monoxide 11.5
  4. Percentage of carbon dioxide volume of fuel 14
  5. Fuel methane volume percentage 4
  6. Fuel ethane volume percentage 1.75
  Low calorific value of fuel 1000 Kcal/Nm3
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