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Time of issue:2020-10-27 11:21:58
Shandong Huayuan Boiler Co., Ltd.
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Large-scale waste heat boiler membrane wall assembly

The company holds A2 level pressure vessel manufacturing license and D level pressure vessel design certificate.
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  Waste heat boiler and pressure vessel
  The company holds A2 level pressure vessel manufacturing license and D level pressure vessel design certificate.
  Product categories include horizontal/vertical waste heat boilers, shell and tube heat exchangers, shell and tube waste heat exchangers, thermal oil steam generators, various types of storage tanks, reactors, towers, etc. Customized to fully meet market demand!
  Product technical features
  The use of waste heat from the process of waste heat production to generate steam can enable enterprises to save energy and reduce consumption, and improve efficiency.
  The waste heat boiler has a compact structure, good sealing, no environmental pollution, low system resistance, convenient operation, safety and reliability, and can ensure full recovery of waste heat.
  The furnace type can be customized according to the specific parameters required by the user's process. The furnace type includes different types of horizontal waste heat boiler, vertical waste heat boiler, shell-type waste heat boiler/heat exchanger, heat conduction oil steam generator, high temperature water-cooled flue, etc. , To meet the needs of users in different industries.
  Fixed tube-plate heat exchangers are widely used and are suitable for sensible heat exchange where the temperature difference between the two shell and tube streams is not greater than 120°C.
  The shell-and-tube waste heat boiler is an auxiliary device that comprehensively utilizes the waste heat of an industrial furnace, and absorbs the waste heat of the exhaust gas to generate steam.
  The high-temperature waste heat recovery water-cooled flue can further recover the residual flue gas heat energy or low-grade hot flue gas that cannot be recovered by the waste heat boiler equipment to generate hot water.
  The heat conduction oil steam generator generates high temperature heat conduction oil in the tube bundle and heats the water outside the tube bundle to generate steam.
  Engineering Applications
  Widely used in chemical industry/metallurgy/building materials/sulfuric acid/carbon/coking/petrochemical/building materials/medical waste/animal carcass incineration, etc., users include petrochemical enterprises, steelmaking industry, food and textile industry and other different fields
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