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Time of issue:2020-10-27 11:21:58
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Formaldehyde waste gas incineration boiler

Using low calorific value industrial waste liquid (water), waste gas and waste residue as fuel, supplemented by oil (gas) ignition system,
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  Industrial "three wastes" high-temperature harmless treatment incineration boiler and system
  Using low calorific value industrial waste liquid (water), waste gas and waste residue as fuel, supplemented by oil (gas) ignition system, using high-efficiency co-firing incineration technology, the industrial three wastes are used as resources and harmlessly used, turning waste into treasure. Incineration + waste heat recovery integrated boiler, the furnace type includes different furnace types such as steam/hot water/conducting oil/hot air, etc., which can be customized according to the user's individual needs to fully meet market demand!
  Fuel Technical Index
  Waste liquid (water): sewage containing various organic, inorganic, and toxic substances, waste liquid in the chemical industry, wastewater in the sewage treatment industry, wastewater in the textile printing and dyeing industry...
  Exhaust gas: soot, odor, irritating gas and other harmful gases, biological gas, waste gas in the steel industry, waste gas in the chemical industry...
  Waste slag: fly ash, calcium carbide slag, coal slime, paper industry waste slag, leather industry dry sludge...
  Boiler technical characteristics
  High-efficiency mixed combustion technology can be used to incinerate high-pollution, difficult-to-degrade and toxic industrial three wastes at a high temperature at the same time, integrating incineration, high-efficiency combustion, pyrolysis, and waste heat recovery;
  The incinerator and waste heat recovery are made into an integrated furnace, which realizes integration and integration, has a compact structure, reduces floor space and saves investment;
  The incinerator adopts a special vertical closed structure to achieve continuous long-term operation;
  Load regulation number, which can run stably in the range of 30%~110% of rated load;
  Engineering Applications
  The system can be widely used in waste liquid and waste gas treatment in the petrochemical industry, waste liquid and waste gas treatment in the printing and dyeing textile industry, waste residue and waste water treatment in the paper industry, waste residue and waste liquid in the biopharmaceutical industry, and users covering the petrochemical industry, building board processing, Different fields such as food textile industry and paper industry.
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