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Time of issue:2020-10-27 11:21:58
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Shandong Weifang 60t/h medium temperature medium pressure pulverized coal boiler system

The calorific value of fuel covers more than 3300kcal/kg of residual carbon powder, blue carbon powder,
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  High-efficiency low-emission pulverized coal boiler and system
  The calorific value of fuel covers more than 3300kcal/kg of residual carbon powder, blue carbon powder, AII/AIII coal powder, multi-model vertical angle tube type/double drum type with boiler capacity 20t/h~220t/h (14MW~116MW) Pulverized coal boiler, the furnace type includes steam/hot water/conducting oil/hot air and other different furnace types, which can be customized according to the user's individual needs to fully meet the market needs
  Pulverized coal technical index
  Fuel low heating value Qnef: ≥3300kcal/kg
  Volatile Vdaf: ≥0 Ash Aad: ≤25% Moisture Mmf: ≤5% 200 mesh sieving rate: >90%
  Technical characteristics of boiler combustion
  For pulverized coal with calorific value ≥ 4500kcal/kg, the conventional multi-stage air distribution and pulverized coal powder cyclone combustion technology is adopted, and ignition and combustion are convenient and fast;
  For carbon-based fuels with low calorific value and low volatility, such as semi-coke, gasified residual carbon, blue carbon, etc., the preheating combustion technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences is used to preheat the coal powder before burning, and the preheating temperature of the coal powder in the burner reaches Above 800 ℃. Preheated combustion can completely overcome the problem of fuel ignition difficulty, and achieve reasonable combustion organization to achieve high-efficiency low-nitrogen combustion of pulverized coal (including carbon-based fuels such as semi-coke and gasified residual carbon).
  Boiler environmental indicators
  Combustion efficiency ≥98% Boiler thermal efficiency ≥90%~92%
  Soot emission ≤5mg/m3 (after treatment) Sulfur dioxide emission ≤35mg/m3 (after treatment)
  Nitrogen oxide emission ≤50mg/m3 (after treatment)
  Engineering Applications
  The system is widely used in large enterprises, industrial parks and urban heating. Users cover different areas such as district heating centers, petrochemical industry, building board processing, food and textile industry, paper industry, etc.
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